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Modular Home Construction

Many people misconstrued “modular home construction” to mean either prefab homes or even mobile homes. Modular Construction is not any of those meanings. Modular Construction actually refers to the technique that is used to build a home. Modern modular construction is simply using the same materials used on site and adhering to the same building codes and using them in a controlled environmental setting, i.e. a factory setting.

There are many advantages for choosing Modular Home Construction over the traditional stick built construction:

  • Climate Controlled environment
  • Less time than traditional construction
  • Stronger, more durable & energy efficient structures
  • Reduces Construction Traffic & Noise within Neighborhood
  • Less Waste within the Neighborhood & Jobsite

In a manufacturing facility, all the materials used to build the structures are stored and protected from all the elements that would be present on an open field construction site. When building a modular home most of the construction takes place in a climate control environment and the materials are not subject to weather-related damage (i.e. mold) that can cause several building issues.

Modular Home Constructions (i.e. Factory-Built Homes ) have an advantage over traditional built homes due to the fact that the completed components are 80% or more completed in a factory setting and transported to the site and then assembled on the foundation. The modular home takes approximately 2 weeks to complete in the factory and while they are assembling it in the factory, the site prep and foundation work is being done simultaneously. This is how it takes weeks and sometimes months off construction time.

Modular home manufacturers have access to several different types of equipment and material in which are not viable on an open construction site. This allows the factories to build a stronger and more durable structure. This is especially important during transport.

Neighborhoods become anxious when new construction starts around them. The noise, the debris, the traffic are just a few things that are a nuisance. The modular home process eliminates these problems by over half. The construction process of a modular home is very quick and therefore less of an interruption for both you and your new neighborhood.