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New Orleans Modular Homes

New Orleans Modular Homes specializes in Modular Construction along the Gulf Coast. We are a licensed Modular Home Retailer and Installer and are Licensed by the State Board of Contractors in Louisiana and Mississippi. What that means to you is our staff understands local and state building codes to ensure your home is built with quality craftsmanship ensured to withstand the test of time.

New Orleans Modular Homes has established relationships with several modular home manufacturers that allow us to offer a wide variety of models and styles of homes with price ranges that will fall into most budgets. From demolition and site preparation through final inspections, we work to ensure that all the aspects of construction are completed on time so you can start enjoying your new home. Our goal is to provide affordable solutions to homeowners who are ready to build a quality home.

Whether you are rebuilding on your lot or you are a first time home buyer, New Orleans Modular Homes is committed to giving you peace of mind while building your home.

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